Organic Alsace Wines

First of all, the entire production is harvested by hand to preserve the authenticity, conviviality and above all the quality of the harvest. The pressings are carried out in whole harvests, then the musts are transferred to the tuns for the alcoholic fermentation with a control of the temperature (15-20°C). Afterwards, the wine is aged on fine lees in the same tuns, as well as being lightly filtered before bottling.

Our Traditional Wines

Our traditional wines invite you to discover the specific aromas of each of the seven Alsatian grape varieties and to taste balanced wines, where all the typicalities are present.


Our Crémant

Made from a blend of Riesling (50%), Pinot Auxerrois (40%) and Pinot Noir (10%).

Our "Cuvées" wines

– Cuvée Ambre: born from a blend of Pinot Auxerrois and Pinot Gris aged in “Demi-Muid” barrels.
– Cuvée Rubis: from a selection of Pinot Noir aged in barrels.
– Cuvée Saint Léon: from plots of old vines (average age 55 years)
(average age 55 years) of Gewürztraminer
– Late harvest (Riesling, Pinot Gris and Gewürztraminer)
– “Ice wine” (SGN): Made from Gewürztraminer
harvested and pressed at -9°C.


Our Grand Cru wines

– The Grand Cru Eichberg (Riesling and Gewürztraminer):
South-east facing at an altitude of between 200 and 340 m. This clay-limestone soil allows the production of powerful wines with a long life and a remarkable finesse.
– Grand Cru Pfersigberg (Pinot Gris and Gewürztraminer):
East/south-east facing at an altitude of between 250 and 350m. The clay-limestone soil of this terroir allows us to obtain wines of great richness with an undeniable fruitiness and typicity.
– Grand Cru Ollwiller (Riesling and Pinot Gris):
South-east facing at an altitude of between 260 and 330m. The particularity of this sandy-clay soil gives an intense freshness to the wines, as well as an extraordinary minerality which takes a lot of amplitude after a few years of ageing.

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